About Sana Organics

Sana: A modern take on nature’s ancient healing & beauty remedies.

If you love the idea of treating your skin to the finest botanicals Mother Earth has to offer, you’re going to love the Sana Organics mission.

"Sana" means healthy in Spanish

Sana Organics is run by a plant-loving couple dedicated to making safe and effective products out of organic, responsibly-grown botanicals. We created Sana to give more people access to the incredible healing & beautifying properties that organic plants can offer us.

After a long and expensive search for a beauty product that met our criteria of being both 100% natural and effective, we decided to try making our own. After hundreds of trial blends, we stumbled upon a few formulas that made skin problems we’d struggled with our entire adult lives start to dissapear.

Once our friends and family saw their skin radiate beautifully with fewer imperfections after using our unique blends, we knew we had to share these incredible products with the world.

In order to create the best product possible, we use only the highest quality ingredients from certified organic sources. This means that only the finest cold-pressed virgin organic plant oils containing a high density of nutrients make it into your bottle. It means that your nose inhales only therapeutic grade organic essential oils that clear your mind as they condition your skin.

You have a wide choice when it comes to selecting your cosmetics. That’s why we’ve made the conscious decision to create products that use certified organic, non-GMO & plant-based ingredients grown without pesticides. We feel better knowing we’re giving our precious skin the luxury treatment it deserves & we hope you do too.

Sana promotes purity in our formulas by staying as close as possible to nature’s gifts. That means absolutely no synthetics, no fillers and no animal testing– Just pure, unfiltered beauty like you deserve. Welcome to Sana!

100% Organic & Cruelty Free
Handcrafted by Sana Organics Founder Ziev Beresh