Why Organic?

Organic  is the answer. Not the “alternative.”

There are many reasons to choose organic personal care products. When it comes to beauty, organic ingredients simply make you look better.

Why? Your body eagerly recognizes and uses botanical compounds to heal itself. You could say they’re “bioactive.” The chemical composition of the certified organic plant oils we use helps to stimulate cell growth.

Unlike synthetic moisturizers or conventionally grown ingredients, our botanicals have no toxicity in humans. This is why organic beauty products are an effective and safe solution to improve your appearance.

What Makes Our Ingredients Organic?

If you eat certified organic food, you know that the food is better because:

  • It was grown naturally (without toxic pesticides, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals)
  • It was processed using mechanical or manual means (not chemical solvents)
  • It isn’t genetically modified (GMO plants sacrifice nutritional integrity in favor of higher crop yields and increased survival in rough conditions)

All of the above is also true about organic beauty products- but instead of eating them, you’re applying them. It’s like feeding your skin’s cells a healthy drink.

We use only the highest quality virgin organic cold-pressed plant oils. Virgin organic oils contain the highest concentration of plant nutrients because they’re extracted from the plant’s first pressing. By avoiding the use of heat during processing, these healing nutrients are preserved so that they can be soaked up by your skin.

We only source ingredients that have been certified organic by internationally recognized groups including the USDA, Ecocert, and Quality Assurance International.

Your skin <3's plants!
Your skin <3’s plants!

The skin is your largest organ. Toxins that we come into contact with daily are absorbed into the bloodstream and make their way through our entire system. This includes the various chemicals from our daily environment, synthetic ingredients we apply, as well as physical and mental stress.

Choosing the right ingredients isn’t something that we’re often taught to seriously consider, but we should. Harmful chemicals build up in our cells over time and can lead to a poor appearance or even more serious reactions and problems.

When you apply toxin-free plant-based products, your skin quickly absorbs the powerful healing compounds in them. There are thousands of beneficial components in plant oils and essential oils…sometimes over a thousand are found in a single ingredient.

These botanicals work in harmony with you and with each other to help improve the health and appearance of your skin. They too, enter the bloodstream, bringing their nourishing and purifying benefits to your entire body.

The alternative to organic ingredients are…synthetic ones. As we now know, synthetic ingredients are made from chemicals designed to be cheap first, and truly healing? A distant second…or not healing at all.

Organic living goes beyond which produce you select at the market. Switching to organic products wherever possible can have wonderful benefits for our well-being.

We believe in a green living environment at home. Organic food on the table. And organic cosmetics on our skin.

At Sana Organics, organic is the norm…We hope that it becomes yours and the world’s norm too.